April Resolution Update

An update on my 2012 Resolutions as of April

My Fitness is coming along, I have not really pushed myself to hard, but I have managed to regularly exercise and I think as well I am eating a bit better. We have had some spring snow storms lately so that has prevented me from getting out and walking as much as I would like, but hopefully those are behind now and I can get back to those walks. With the weather getting a bit warmer, hopefully I don’t need to wear such a heavy coat. I am hopeful at some point I might even be able to jog a bit as well as I build up the strength in my legs. For now I will try and to increase the intensity of my bike rides.

I have started back on my reading, and I think I have made some good progress on that. I have already read one book cover to cover, and about 2/3rds the way through the next. I had been trying a Star Trek book but was having a tough time getting through it, so I put it down and picked up some others. I want to get on a roll on my reading, and then I will go back to that Trek book I was having some trouble with. But I am hoping I can get through 2 books a month, so will be pushing myself to keep at my reading.

I was able to get a working computer in the basement, so now I can start on my models again. So I am going to start on them again this weekend. I have some Star Wars droid fighters sitting on my desk right now, it is a small snap together model that I will paint up. After that I think I will take on a Tie Fighter. Really looking forward to building models again, and happy I got my desk setup the way I want to do that.

For March the Vintage figure I picked up was a 8D8. I got it for under 10 dollars. It is not in the best of shape, so most likely this will be one that I will upgrade at some point. There is some pink highlighter marker on the side of it’s head, and looks like some other pen or marker has been cleaned off of it. So this figure will do for now, but will replace it down the road with one in better condition. It is not an expensive figure, so should not be hard.

Last week I was at our annual toy show. It was a great chance to find my April vintage figure, and I picked up an Empire Strikes Back Lando. He looks to be in great shape and I was pretty happy with the price and the condition of him. It was nice as well to find a figure at a Toy Show instead of all my eBay purchases to date. I also have another figure coming that I got of eBay, I will blog about it when I get it, but have to say, I am excited. This Vintage collecting has really renergized my passion for collecting.