Committing to my Resolutions and to myself

I have been really trying on keeping to my 2012 resolutions, so far I would say the good word would be consistent. Probably the resolution I am most excited about is my Star Wars vintage collecting. I have been getting a new figure each month so far, but I really wanted to step it up. When I got my bonus from work last month, I said to myself I was going to go out and get one of the more expensive figures. So after a few attempts on some auctions I finally won a figure I had set my targets on.

The Blue Snaggletooth was one that I had in the back of my mind, I was debating between going for him, or a Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper disguise. In the end I really just had the urge to get the Blue Snaggletooth, as it is an expensive figure and if I did not get him when I made the commitment, I was not sure when I could get back to him. As stated, I had tried a few times on some auctions, but always seemed to come up just a bit short. I think part of what makes me happy to get this was getting the figure, but also pushing past that barrier that sometimes holds me back, where I don’t really fully commit to something. So winning this auction represented to me sticking with something, fully committing and achieving. I am hoping that this will be a bit of a lift of for me in other pursuits as well, and that at times, to get something, you have to put yourself all in.

Thankyou Blue Snaggletooth for pushing me past the barrier that holds me back 🙂