About Jeff

This is my web home. I will share some of my thoughts about life, interesting things I discover, and any other random thoughts or ideas I may have. It may be a small post, a longer post, a picture, video or audio. Whatever method I feel is best to get my message across.

I work in the IT industry, and live in Canada. Beside sharing ideas and thoughts, I will also be using this site to enhance my abilities in web design . My other site jedijeff.ca is the site for my thoughts on Star Wars, Star Trek and other thoughts and sharing in that area.

One Thought on “About Jeff

  1. Hi Jeff, great site you’ve got here. Will definatley check out your podcast. I’m about to start mine in January (though may throw an episode up in a few weeks) Hope you’ll check mine out once its up and running. See ya back on Treks in sci fi.

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